Frequently Asked Questions

When first starting out examining whether to move to a community like Azalea Estates of New Iberia many people need to become more familiar with the senior living and care industry, their services we offer, how to pay for it and in general our value propositions. Below are just some of the questions you may have that we can provide answers for. Obviously, our staff headed by our Executive Director, can answer these questions in more detail with a personal meeting in your home or at our senior living community.

Frequently Asked Questions

We at Azalea Estates of New Iberia, want to be as open and candid as possible about our community. We want you to have the best information available when making such an important decision about senior living for you or a loved one. Below are some frequently asked questions – should you have additional questions or concerns, please make sure to give us a call. We look forward to speaking with you!

What is Retirement Living?

Retirement living is a living option in a residential community that allows seniors who can generally care for themselves to live in a secure building and take advantages of the benefits of communal living, like dining services, wellness and social activities, and community events. The socialization aspects of living together with others should take the stress out of daily living for couples and individuals that have retired.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a care option that provides residents with housing, support services, and health care, as needed. At Azalea Estates, we do much more than provide these services. We work with our residents to help them enjoy rich and rewarding lifestyles in accord with their personal health needs.

Who is Assisted Living Designed For?

Assisted living is designed for individuals who require assistance with everyday activities such as meals, medication assistance or management, bathing, dressing, and transportation.

How am I Charged for Assisted Living Services?

Before you move in, we will do a needs assessment to determine which activities you require assistance with. You will be charged an additional amount over the monthly service fee depending on how much help you need. You’ll know that amount in advance and exactly what it covers. Should your needs change, the charges for those additional services will be adjusted up or down, accordingly.

Do You Accept Long-Term Care Insurance? If So, Can You Help Me Apply For It?

Yes. Your long-term care insurance can be applied directly to your rent at our community as long as you meet your policy provisions... we can help explain the terms of your policy, if needed. We can also help you with both applying and filling out your monthly forms. Many of our residents have a substantial amount of their costs covered through their long-term care insurance.

My Spouse Needs Assisted Help, But I Don't. I Don't Want To Be Separated From My Spouse; What Choices Do We Have?

You don't have to make a choice at our community. Unlike other communities where assisted living is in a different building or another part of the building, we don't make couples separate. Our assisted and independent residents live throughout our community; therefore, you can both stay in the same apartment, regardless of level of care.

Can I Bring My Beloved Pet?

Of course! As long as you can take care of your pet, we'd love to have him or her as part of our family.

Do I Have To Sign a Yearly Rental Agreement For Assisted Living?

No. In our building, our rentals go from month-to-month, with a 30-day notice provision.

Are Meals Included?

Yes. We serve three full-service, nutritional meals, restaurant-style in our Main Dining Room. Our chef and staff prepares each meal fresh daily, and each menu is approved by a licensed dietician. Low sodium and sugar-free, diabetic-friendly options are available. Guests may join you for a meal and simply pay at that time, or we can charge it to your monthly bill.

What If I Get Stronger And Don't Need Extra Assistance Any Longer?

Great news - that's the plan! Since we encourage, and are all about wellness, this is our goal for you! You may change your care level options at any time, as needed. Since our belief is focused around wellness, we encourage residents to get out of their apartments and engage in a wellness class, activities, and socializing during their dining time. We offer many wonderful programs to touch every resident's likes and needs. Our residents who invest themselves in the community are the ones who have the best experience here.

Do We Accept Medicare or Section 8 Vouchers?

No. We are a private pay community.

My Husband Served In World War II But He Wasn’t Wounded. Am I Eligible for Any Veteran’s Benefits?

Your husband didn’t necessarily have had to have been wounded in service for you to qualify for a Veterans Affairs Pension with Aid & Attendance benefits.

Are Assisted Living Fees Tax Deductible?

Under many circumstances they are. Click here to download some useful information from the IRS concerning tax deductibility of Assisted Living expenses. Then talk to your accountant or financial advisor to make certain that you get accurate and actionable information regarding your particular circumstances.

What Amenities Do You Have On Your Campus?

On the amenities page you will see the value our residents receive with everything included in our monthly rental.

Do You Have References?

Yes. As you visit our community during your tour, feel free to ask our residents a question. They are a great source for information and are chock-full of knowledge. We also have a “Testimonial” section on our website.

How Do I Learn More About Retirement and Assisted Living at Azalea Estates Of New Iberia?

Talk to us. We’ll be glad to answer any of your questions. We can also do a pre-assessment of your assistance needs, so you’ll know exactly what your costs will be. Just fill out our contact form.